Topographical Maps for Your Computer

Say goodbye to worn-out paper maps and complicated mapping software with MapToaster® Topo/NZ for your PC. Whether you are a recreational or business user, Topo/NZ will provide the topographical maps you need.

Now includes the new Topo50 and Topo250 map series and the NZTM coordinates.


Maps for Your PC

Wide Range of Map Scales Includes all the LINZ topographical maps from 1:50,000 to 1:2 million scales, providing optimum cartography for the scale you're viewing. Include the new Topo50 and Topo250 NZTM map series. Mapping is New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM 2000) projection.
Rich Detail

Reproduces all the rich detail and cartography of the LINZ topomaps. Maps are provided at 254dpi (127dpi in the Standard Edition™) which will allow print quality near to the LINZ printed maps (note final print quality depends on the printer an paper you use).

The 1:50,00 scale topo map includes DoC Conservation Estate boundaries (purple outline) and Scenic and Recreation Reserves (red outline).

Seamless Coverage Topomaps over mainland New Zealand, Stewart Island and coastal islands mosaiced into to a continuous map. Also see aerial and satellite imagery of the same view, at the click of a button. Off-shore islands, such as Chathams, Auckland Islands etc are not included.
Speed and Privacy Since the maps are stored on your hard drive, you don't need an internet connection. Unlike web-based mapping systems screen refreshes are almost instant and no-one is tracking the maps you are looking at.
Up-to-date Includes all the LINZ 1:50,000 Topo50 and 1:250,000 Topo250 maps published up to November 2022. Many sheets have had tracks and huts updated from Dept of Conservation data. Aerial photography is from 2010 to 2018.
Topo Overlay Aerial and satellite imagery can be overlayed with a transparent topomap to create a very rich view of the landscape. You can clearly see roads, walking tracks, placenames, contours and other map features overlaid on the photos. See a sample.
Shows Sheet Dates When you're using a map it's important to understand when it was last revised. The 1:50,000 topomaps are updated periodically. While many sheets have been updated in the last 1-2 years, many are older. The MapToaster status bar shows the sheet number and age of the maps/aerial photos in the current view. This information is also shown on the maps that you print.
Aerial Photography MapToaster includes integrated aerial photography of almost all of New Zealand. 10 metre/pixel imagery is included with all Editions. 2.5 metre/pixel imagery is included with the High-Resolution Edition™. The imagery was collected between 2010 and 2018.
Satellite Imagery MapToaster includes integrated satellite photography of almost all of New Zealand. A variety of resolutions are, down to 15 metres/pixel are included with all Editions.
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Easy to Use The software is very easy to use. It's designed to make it easy to access the maps, make prints and manage the waypoints and tracks on your GPS.
Well Proven MapToaster is helping people plan their expedition and get to the right spot. Our customers range from individuals who use maps for their recreational activities, to multinational consulting companies, Crown Research Institutes, central, regional and local government, universities, schools and libraries, emergency services such as St Johns, helicopter rescue and Search and Rescue, NZ Police and many more. See what some of our users say »
Find Facility Search facility that includes more than 150,000 placenames from the LINZ Gazetteer, road names, maps sheet names as well as street addresses. Quickly navigate to the area you need. You can enter coordinates in NZTM, NZMG or WGS-84, with support for 6-digit map references. Search results are sortable, include by distance. Click on the refernce maps to list map features that are nearby.
Favourite Places Favourites menus allow quick navigation to frequently accessed locations. The Favourites menu "learns" the locations you view most often. You can also create permanent Favourites sub-menus.
Link Documents & Photos to Waypoints Link documents, photos etc to the map by dropping them on the map.
Open Linked Documents & Photos View linked photos by double-clicking on the icon on the map.
Geo-code Digital Photos Use GPS tracks to automatically link digital photos to the map. Using the time stamped on photos by your camera, the software will match the photos to you GPS track-log to figure out where you took the photo. The software automatically creates a waypoint for each photo. Just double-click the icon on the map to see the photo.
Create Waypoints from Geo-tagged Photos If you have a cellphone with a camera or GPS, or a GPS like the Garmin Oregon 550, your photos will have the location where they were taken embedded in them. MapToaster Topo/NZ can automatically create linked waypoints from these photos.
Email/Save/Paste a map You can easily transfer maps to other software, or send them by email. It's easy to paste a map into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation. When files are saved to disk, MapToaster saves the georeferencing information so you can easily open it in other mapping software. Support email services tha require a login, e.g. GMail, Yahoo Mail, Xtra etc.
Print a map Print either the current view, or a map at true scale. Maps can be printed up to A0 size (assuming your computer has enough memory free). Maps are automatically annotated with grid coordinates, sheet number/date and the correction for magnetic north in that area. The print preview dialog allows you to scale and move the map view to print just the area you want.
Measure Distances and Areas Measure distances and areas by clicking out a path on the map. Distance can be shown in kilometres, miles or nautical miles.
Full-screen viewing Get the maximum possible area of map on your screen - makes the best use of the screen on a laptop.
No Mouse Required Most functions can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts - handy in situation where you can't use a mouse.
Netbook Friendly All the dialog boxes are sized to fit on 9 and 10 inch netbook computer screen. Netbooks that have solid-state hard drives are a great 4WD mapping option.
Web Searches Search selected online mapping services and see their view of what you're looking at in in MapToaster. Included are searches for geocaching.com and Google street maps. You can even add your own. Note that these web services are provided by third parties and we can't guarantee that they will continue to be available.
Google Earth Overlays You can save a topomap or aerial photo view and view it in Google Earth in 3D.
Industry Standard Data Formats MapToaster supports a variety of data formats to make information exchange easier. Tracks and waypoints can be saved/opened in these formats
  • GPX - widely used for GPS data exchange
  • TopoMapPro/MapToaster text file - a tab delimited format that allows you to exchange data with any other application
  • Google Earth KML format
  • ESRI Shape files - supported in NZTM, NZMG and WGS-84 coordinate systems
  • MapInfo MIF format (export only)
  • Microsoft Excel format (export only)
  • Geocaching.com .LOC files (import only)
  • Geocaching.com Pocket Query files`
You can save/email maps views as
  • JPEG files
  • BMP files
  • Google Earth image overlay KML, MapInfo TAB and ESRI Shape registraton files included
Pocket Query Support Open and save geocaching.com Pocket Query files. By double clicking the cache icon on the map, you can open a window with the full cache details. Automatic colour coding by cache type.
Range of Coordinate Systems Coordinates can be shown in New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM 2000), New Zealand Map Grid (NZMG) or WGS-84 /lat/long coordinates.
Accurate Coordinate Conversion MapToaster uses NTv2 for best possible accuracy when converting between NZ Map Grid and WGS-84/NZTM.
Maidenhead Squares Status bar shows the Maidenhead square of the current view, as well as east/north coordinates.
Magnetic Declination Bearings can be shown as either magnetic or NZTM grid north. Local declination is shown on-screen and on prints.
Circular Tracks Automatically create circular Tracks on the map that can be uploaded to a GPS - use to mark points of interest, obstacles etc.
Microsoft Windows Versions Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and . While there is no native OSX version you can use VMware Fusion or Parallels. earlier versions of Windows will probably work, but are not officially supported.
Digital Signatures MapToaster software and the downloadable updates are digitally signed so you can be assured they came from us and have not been altered.
USB Drive Version MapToaster can be supplied on a USB pen drive. This version doesn't need to be installed, you can just plug it into the nearest computer and start it up. Contact us for more details.
Network Licences Cost-effective network licences are available for office use.
Education Licences Special education licences are available for secondary and tertiary institutions. Education pricing is also available for staff and post-grad students of tertiary institutions.
Friendly Helpful Support Our products is backed by friendly helpful technical support.
Download a PDF Overview Download a PDF overview

PC Software GPS Features

Manage Waypoints & Tracks Transfer tracks and waypoints to/from your GPS. Draw tracks and waypoints on the map and send them to your GPS. Capture tracks and waypoints on your GPS and transfer to your PC for viewing and saving on disk. Manage waypoint lists by filtering and sorting using the powerful grid view.
Transfer Maps and Aerials Colorado, Oregon, Dakota can display scanned maps and imagery. MapToaster Topo/NZ lets you transfer map and aerial phot views to the GPS and manage the imagery installed on your GPS.
Flexible Waypoint Editing Point and click editing of waypoint positions and symbols. Create waypoints, linked to photos or other documents, by dragging and dropping a file on the map.
Garmin GPS Support MapToaster supports Garmin protocol and Garmin Mass Storage GPS units for tracks and waypoints. These include eTrex series, GPSMAP 60, 62 and GPSMAP 70 series, Colorado, Oregon, Dakota, Nuvi and Zumo series units. Some aviation units are not supported - if in doubt ask us.
NMEA Support Supports NMEA GPS units for realtime position display. Ideal for use with Bluetooth GPS.
Autodetect Configuring most GPS units is as simple as plugging it in and clicking the Autodetect button
Realtime tracking See where you are when you're out in the field. Records a track of where you've been. Navigate to a waypoint. Popup box shows position, speed, heading and satellite availability - useful for Bluetooth GPS units which have no display of their own. High-rate GPS NMEA units are supported with update rates up to 4Hz.

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MapToaster, MapToaster Topo/NZ, MapToaster NZAirPhoto, MapToaster TopoMap are registered trademarks of MetaMedia Ltd. Garmin, Gecko, eTrex are registered trademarks of Garmin Corp. MapInfo is a registered trademark of MapInfo Corp. ArcView is a trademark of ESRI. AutoCAD is a trademark of AutoDesk.

Map Options

Map Toaster Topo/NZ can be purchased in Standard or High-Resolution Editions. The Standard Edition™ offers the best value and modest storage requirements. The High-Resolution Edition™ offers the best possible display and print quality.

Topomap sample

Tha mapping covers all of mainland New Zealand and the inshore islands, or for the High-resolution Edition™. All of the Topo/NZ editions use the same software, including the GPS functionality.

Existing users can purchase upgrades at special pricing and TopoMAP version 1 and TopoMapPro version 2 users are, of course, eligible for this. The upgrades page has more detail on what's new.

See Samples of the Maps


Hi-Resolution Edition

The High-Resolution Edition™ contains the following topographic maps:

  • 1:2 Million
  • 1:1 Million
  • 1:500,000
  • 1:250,000
  • 1:50,000
  • Aerial Photography - 2.5 and 10 metres/pixel resolution
  • Satellite Imagery - 15 metres/pixel resolution

The product is delivered on one or two DVD disks.

The maps are available at resolutions of both 5 and 10 metres/pixel (i.e. 254 and 127 dpi). The inclusion of the 10 metres/pixel Standard Edition™ data gives you the maximum flexibility in terms of speed and image quality.

The Hi-Resolution maps provide the best quality views and prints. Remember that the High-Res Edition™ has four times as much data as the Standard Edition™.

Click here for prices and purchasing information


Standard Edition™

The Standard Edition™ contains the following topographic maps and aerial photography:

  • 1:2 Million
  • 1:1 Million
  • 1:500,000
  • 1:250,000
  • 1:50,000
  • Aerial Photography - 10 metres/pixel resolution
  • Satellite Imagery - 15 metres/pixel resolution

The product is delivered on one DVD disk covering all of New Zealand. This product is a good choice for general use, where the last word in printed quality is not required.

Aerial photography is now included. The Aerial Photos tab above shows the coverage available. The maps have a 10 metres/pixel (127dpi).

It is fast to use and requires 1.4GB of hard drive space.

For best quality printing, you should choose the Hi-Resolution Edition™.

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Upgrades for MapToaster 3.0, 4.0, TopoMap NZ and TopoMapPro

Upgrades of maps and software are available for users of MapToaster Topo/NZ V3.0 and 4.0, TopoMap NZ version 1 and TopoMapPro V2.0. Check here for more details.

Digital Aerial Photographs of New Zealand

MapToaster Topo/NZ provides aerial photography of over two thirds of New Zealand.

The aerial photography seamlessly integrates with the topographic maps - you can zoom directly from the maps to the aerial photography. The aerial photographs have a resolution of 2.5 metres/pixel in the High-resolution Edition™ and 10 metres/pixel in the Standard Edition™.

Aerial Photography

The map data is derived from the LINZ ortho-photo library. The aerial photographs are a mixture of colour and black & white, but the most recent imagery is colour (see map above). All the LINZ imagery released up to Aug 2006 is included.

Aerial Photo Coverage

This map shows the coverage that is available in red.

Aerial Photography Coverage Map of NZ

Transparent Map Overlays

The MapToaster Topo/NZ software has the ability to overlay a transparent topographical map on top of the aerial and satellite imagery. The map overlay feature shows the detail of the photos with the information content in the topographic maps, in one view. You can clearly see roads, walking tracks, placenames, contours and other map features overlaid on the photos.

Map Overlays

Satellite Imagery

All editions of MapToaster Topo/NZ include satellite imagery with a resolution of 15 metres/pixel. Coverage is national (with the exception of a very small area of Northland an occasional areas of cloud cover).

Satellite Imagery

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Aerial Photo Coverage by Town

The following towns have full or partial coverage:

Acacia Bay Akaroa Alexandra
Allanton Amberley Apiti
Arapuni Arrowtown Ashburton
Ashhurst Auckland Balclutha
Balfour Belfast Bell Block
Benhar Benneydale Blackball
Blenheim Bluff Brighton
Brightwater Broad Bay Bulls
Bunnythorpe Burnham Cambridge
Carterton Cheviot Christchurch
Clinton Clive Clyde
Collingwood Coromandel Cromwell
Cust Dannevirke Darfield
Diamond Harbour Dobson Douglas
Dunedin Edendale Edgecumbe
Egmont Village Eketahuna Eltham
Fairfield Fairlie Featherston
Feilding Foxton Foxton Beach
Frankton Frasertown Geraldine
Gisborne Glen Eden Glenfield
Glentunnel Gore Greymouth
Greytown Halcombe Hamilton
Hampden Hanmer Springs Hastings
Haumoana Havelock Havelock North
Hawarden Hawera Helensville
Herbert Hokitika Hope
Hororata Howick Huntly
Inglewood Invercargill Kaiapoi
Kaitangata Kaka Point Kaponga
Karitane Katikati Kawerau
Kelvin Heights Kerikeri Kihikihi
Kimbolton Kirwee Kumara
Kumeu Kuratau Lake Hawea
Lawrence Leeston Leigh
Lepperton Levin Lincoln
Longburn Lower Hutt Lumsden
Lyttelton Macandrew Bay Maheno
Manaia Manakau Mangakino
Mangatainoka Mangaweka Mangawhai Heads
Manurewa Martinborough Marton
Maruia Masterton Matamata
Mataura Meremere Methven
Middlemarch Midhirst Milton
Moana Morrinsville Mosgiel
Mossburn Motueka Mount Albert
Mount Eden Mount Maunganui Mount Roskill
Mount Wellington Napier Naseby
Nelson New Lynn New Plymouth
Newmarket Ngaruawahia Ngongotaha
Nightcaps Normanby Norsewood
Oakura Oamaru Ohai
Ohaupo Ohingaiti Ohope
Okato One Tree Hill Onehunga
Opotiki Orewa Ormondville
Otahuhu Otaki Otane
Otara Otautau Otorohanga
Outram Owaka Oxford
Paengaroa Paeroa Pahiatua
Paihia Pakuranga Palmerston
Palmerston North Papakura Papatoetoe
Paraparaumu Pareora Picton
Piopio Pirongia Pleasant Point
Porangahau Porirua Porto-bello
Prebbleton Pukekohe Putaruru
Queenstown Rakaia Ranfurly
Rangiora Rapahoe Ratana
Reefton Remuera Renwick
Richmond Riversdale Riverton/aparima
Rolleston Rongotea Ross
Rotorua Rotowaro Runanga
Russell Sanson Seddon
Sefton Shannon Sheffield
Snells Beach South Bay Southbridge
Southbrook Spring Creek Springfield
Springs Junctions Stoke Stratford
Taihape Takaka Takapau
Takapuna Tangimoana Tapanui
Taranui Taumarunui Taupo
Tawa Te Anau Te Araroa
Te Aroha Te Awamutu Te Kauwhata
Te Kopuru Te Kuiti Te Puke
Te Teko Temple View Templeton
Temuka Timaru Tinwald
Tirau Tokaanu Tokanui
Tokomaru Tokoroa Tuakau
Tuamarina Tuatapere Turakina
Turangi Upper Hutt Urenui
Waharoa Waiau Waihi
Waihi Beach Waihou Waikaka
Waikanae Waikanae Beach Waikari
Waikawa Waikouaiti Waimate
Wainuiomata Waiouru Waiouru Military Camp
Waipara Waipawa Waipukurau
Wairoa Waitahuna Waitara
Waitarere Waitoa Waiuku
Wakefield Waldronville Wallacetown
Wanaka Wanganui Warkworth
Warrington Waverley Wellington
Wellsford Weston Westport
Whakatane Whangamata Whareroa Village
Whitianga Winchester Winton
Woodend Woodville Wyndham

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